School Facilities

School Facilities


Located only a short distance away from Delhi, the HOLY CHILD ACADEMY campus strikes a balance between modern facilities and natural surroundings, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for students to learn, explore, and grow in perfect harmony with nature. The academic and co-curricular zones are purpose built with state -of-the-art infrastructure and a broad range of provisions. Building is air-conditioned and fitted with elevator that makes the school user friendly

Academic Zone

• Spacious (550 sq. ft. each) and innovatively designed classrooms.
• Suit of separate laboratories to encourage experiential learning.

Well-stocked Library to facilitate independent research and learning * Learning Lounges for students to hold group discussion or carry study. on or carry out self

Co-Curricular Zone

• Courts for Badminton, Basketball, Tennis and Volley ball.
• Games Hall for table tennis, billiards, chess and other indoor games
• Suite of rooms for music and dance, equipped with superior sound and light systems. . Art studios for drawing, painting and other artistic interests,

Ancillary Zone

• Canteen with modern cooking facilities built with high safety and hygiene standards.
• Outdoor Plaza for students to relax and socialize
• Administrative Block with faculty rooms and office
• Continuous IT support

Educational Tours

To gives first hand knowledge to the students, the school manages different types of tours. Short tours for Railway Stations, Hospitals, Banks, Post Offices, BSNL, Press, Museums, Doordarshan Kendra etc, are arranged for the students to see the practical working in these organizations to meet the real pragmatic challenges of life. One day tour is arranged for the students to be face-to-face with the nature & to learn to appreciate the natural beauty to develop their aesthetic quality.


A great amount of effort goes into taking care of a child's school-related requirements. To make things as convenient as possible for parents as well as children, HOLY CHILD ACADEMY provides a range of amenities at the school campus.


HOLY CHILD ACADEMY expert team of counselors work with students, parents and teachers to create a strong support system for the children. Counselors will not only help students when things go wrong but also work with them pro actively to minimize the chances of things going wrong.

Bookstore/ Tailor:

All course material, stationery and uniforms can be coniccica at the campus store. e Transport: A bus pick up and drop service is available for all Day varases.

Wellness Centre

Medical help is available throughout school hours. Education is never ending process which passes on from cradle to grave. It is about development and growth even when we are studying the past. Thus as educators the aspect of thinking we tend to focus upon is learning. What we gain from the learning is implemented in day to day life: Education develops the understanding of circumstances, builds intelligence to improve systems to rise, promotes living standards and strengthens society and culture.